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lightscribe und nero aber wie ?

Frage Hardware Peripheriegeräte

Mitglied: toaster

toaster (Level 1) - Jetzt verbinden

30.09.2005, aktualisiert 02.10.2005, 49710 Aufrufe, 2 Kommentare


ich habe Nero 6 Reloaded und einen lightscribe-Brenner.... Nero kann angeblich lightscribe brennen, aber ich finde die Funktion nicht... ist die in der Nero Hauptanwendung oder in einem Tool von Nero versteckt ???

danke für die hilfe...

Mitglied: IceBeer
30.09.2005 um 21:07 Uhr

gleich vorab, ich weiß es nicht.
Es wäre aber mal interessant welche Nero Version du hast, welchen Brenner, welches OS, so ein paar Eckdaten wären schon nicht schlecht.

MfG IceBeer
Bitte warten ..
Mitglied: linkit
02.10.2005 um 09:37 Uhr
So, dann will ich mal euch helfen:

Zitat aus Quelle:

Hey all, I haven't seen a thread for this yet and I just installed my Lightscribe (LS) drive today and...........0mfg0dz0rz~!!!!!one11 I literally had NO PROBLEMS AT ALL. (Maybe there isn't a thread because it was SO easy...but hey, this is for the newbs

This was also written because I was going to take the easy way out and just use HP's labeling software but they force you to install at LEAST one of their bundled BS programs to get to the real nitty gritty and that really set me off.

This is a walkthru from the very beginning of the process for the dvd640i internal drive (and probably any other future LS internal models):

- First you have to physically put the drive in your computer. This is really easier than anyone might think and there are a ton of tutorials out there on how to do so (including a Flash animated video on a disc that comes with your drive.) When you get to the jumper pins, you can most often leave them on the shipped default: cable select. If you run into any snags here is a link to a good tutorial:

- Next, obviously, you are going to have to make sure you have Nero installed on your drive. It is important that you have Nero v6 as this is the latest version and the only one with LS labeling support. To check your Nero version; open your program, get into one of the actual drag and drop burning menus, and go to 'Help' -> 'About Nero Burning ROM.'

If you are using Nero v6 but not up to Nero, go to this link to get your free product update:

NOTE: Now technically you can get away with using NO LESS THAN Nero v6.6.0.8 but the v6.6.0.16 fixed a few bugs that may cause you to burn coasters...its worth the time invested.

-Now you are almost all set to go! You could actually start burning CDs and DVDs at this point in time!! However, you shelled out the extra money for that cool Lightscribe feature so lets set it up! All you need now is a program that is going to tell Windows and Nero that isn't just any ol' CD/DVD burner chillin' in your computer.

- This program is called the 'Lightscribe Host Software' and you can get it here:

- Unzip that and run it and it should do all the hard work for you! Congratulations!! You now have the capability to make LS discs in Nero!!

How do I actually make that label though?

- Easy cheezy! Just open the Nero SmartStart menu and move your cursor over to 'Extras' (the button to the far top-right). You may need a reboot, but one of the options should be 'Print Lightscribe Label.' Click on that and you will be looking at a very simplified label maker.

- If you don't see that right away, you can also go to 'Extras' -> 'Make Label Or Cover' which will then allow you to choose to make a LS disc. This is actually the preferred way to open a new disc design if you want to use alot of graphics and images to your disc.

- When you are happy with the look of your project go to 'File' -> 'Lightscribe Print Preview' so you can make sure you don't have anything hanging over the edges.

- When you are sure everything is going to line up go to 'File' -> 'Print Lightscribe Label.'

- This next part is IMPORTANT. I 'screwed up' my first disc here. There will be quality settings at the top of the prompt you are looking at. Just go ahead and set it at BEST.

My first burn was at medium quality and the picture looked a little washed out, light, and blurry. It took ~25 mins to print. I did an identical disc at Best and it looked much better, and only took 10 mins longer ~35 mins.

So thats it. This is the first guide I have ever written so feel free to point out any misleading info or general confusing statements that I may have made. I feel better knowing that I have donated at least something to this great community. I hope you all enjoy!


sind noch weitere Infos dort zu finden....
Bitte warten ..
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